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Alexander Black 

Is an international Director-Photographer/Artist. He began his path under the wing of Black Eye Peas front man and visionary Will.I.Am.

Alexander Black is an artist amongst artists. A original, in all notions of the medium he

seeks to push the boundaries by bending all formats & mediums. Unifying it under a creative world. 


A Photographer with over 10 years of professional experience he has cemented his originality. As a Director he's created striking visual narratives driving a connection to self and creating a balance of art and story telling. Showing that art is life. 


Alexander Black's signature is driven by black and white (within photography) while in film creating a pallets thats ever flowing.  Approaching things with a minimalist aesthetic he seeks to touch the core spirit of art. Alex has been commissioned in a multitude of major label music videos, campaigns, advertising, commercial, film and printed with the top agencies and labels across the world. 



Based Anywhere Art Exists. 



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ID Mag  Hunger Mag  Schön Mag    

Vogue Magazine  Var Magazine  Hanson Robotics
Kaltblut Mag  Universal Records  HypeBeast    
Elle Magazine. At Large Magazine  IDOL Magazine

Warner Bros Music

Epic Records  Revs Magazine   Sony Records  Storm Mgmt

Atlantic Records  RCA Records Public School NYC  

Artium   Def Jam  LVRN

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